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Combine the pleasure of the eyes with that of the taste buds, during an out of the ordinary escapade: climb aboard one of our helicopters and enjoy an amazing meal

Domaine Rymska

Our partners - Domaine Rymska - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Chalon

Nestled in the heart of the rolling countryside not far from Beaune, the Domaine de Rymska offers luxurious rooms, fine dining, a breeding farm and a thoroughbred stud farm.

This paradise is an ideal place to relax and discover our beautiful region.

Ermitage de Corton

Ideal for a break during your discovery of Burgundy and its great wines, the gentleman’s residence of Ermitage de Corton is ideally located a few kilometers from the historic center of Beaune and the most famous vineyards.

Our partners - Ermitage de Corton - Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Chalon